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We are excited about your interest in joining our franchisee family!

We hope that this Franchise Kit will provide you with an overview of the information you will need to research becoming a part of the TaKo’s team.

TaKo® is a fun and engaging fast-casual restaurant franchise serving a wide variety of fresh, made-to-order Mexican/Korean. From the first “Welcome to TaKo” to the last bite of a Galbi burrito, TaKo experience is unrivaled.

TaKo thrives in one of the fastest growing segments, fast-casual Mexican/Korean, by serving insanely great food with fresh ingredients in a distinct, family-friendly atmosphere.

TaKo provides a variety of unique menu offerings, an operations team that is dedicated to franchise partner profitability, and innovative and effective marketing support. We operate with integrity, and it shows through the trust and enthusiasm of our franchise partners. We are only selecting the best franchise partners and the best locations with the goal of operating over 20 restaurants by 2017. When you join the Tako’s family, our high-performance team of experts will be ready to help guide you through the franchise process and help you exceed your business goals. We look forward to hearing from you!
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TaKo - Overview

The first Tako restaurant opened in San Juan, PR on October 21, 2011, offering burritos, tacos, Bibimbap, salads and Gimbap. Guests choose from over 10 fresh ingredients, including handmade pico de gallo and guacamole.

To demonstrate our commitment to freshness, TaKo has never used freezers, microwaves, animal fat, lard. TaKo has added spicy chicken, ramyon to the menu.

Today, TaKo’s menu proudly features. TaKo is on a mission to bring only the highest-quality ingredients to every guest, everywhere, every day, including short ribs. Food quality, safety and customer service are no joke.

And the music at TaKo is also a good conversation starter. If you listen closely to the tunes playing at any TaKo restaurant, you’ll notice all of the songs are Christian music and worship songs.



Submit the Franchise Information Request Form.
After reviewing, TaKo representative will contact you TaKo representative will send you the Franchise Application


Complete the Franchisee Application
Submit the application to TaKo with the required supporting documents
TaKo will review the application, franchisees business plan, and set up interview
TaKo will provie our FDD and NDA
Background and credit history checks will be run
Review the FDD, and sign and return the FDD and NDA to TaKo


TaKo will approve the Franchisee Application based on various factors
Provide required site information to TaKo for approval Site selection may occur prior to approval or after execution of the Franchise Agreement


Confirm and sign the Franchise Agreement Pay the initial Franchise Fee


TaKo will work with Franchisee to begin construction for the new site TaKo will arrange training wit the Franchisee



How much is the affiliation fee?

The franchisee shall pay the affiliation fee when the Franchise Agreement is signed with TaKo. This fee covers the rights to use the brand and intellectual property rights.  The fee is $10,000.

How much is the royalty fee?

The franchise fee for a TaKo franchise is 3% of monthly gross sales.  The royalty fee is for using the brand title trademark, service chart, emblem, etc.

How much does it cost to open an TaKo franchise?

Opening TaKo franchise will cost an initial estimated investment of $236,500 to $338,000, on average. Costs will vary based on a number of factors, and more detailed information can be found in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

What are the financial requirements to become a Franchisee?

For each TaKo franchise a candidate wishes to open, they must have a minimum net worth of $300,000 and at least $150,000 in liquid assets.

What kind of training does TaKo provide for its franchise owners and employees?

TaKo provides comprehensive training in our system, service, sanitation and food preparation. We bring this training to you - right in your own store.  This is the training required by Ephraim International Corp.  As a franchisee, you can take additional training courses, for an extra fee.

What happens after TaKo’s grand opening?

Our corporate office develops new menus and hosts periodic events.  Our franchise consultants will review the new franchisee's revenue analysis.  Our corporate office will provide all of the marketing promotion, training and benchmarking required to help our franchisee become successful.

How many employees will I need to operate my store?

In a 1,200 sq ft. store, you'll need about 3 employees.  The number will vary with the size of the store.

How long does it take to go from signing the Franchise Agreement to grand opening?

While the time to open a store varies, it takes approximately 60 days from construction to grand opening.

Can beginners make everything on your menu without the help of an experienced chef?

Yes.  We will provide all the training you need to successfully prepare everything.

How often does TaKo develop new menu items?

We develop a new menu at least once a year, to appeal to our customers and help drive sales for our franchisees.

The TaKo difference

We know the TaKo experience is unmatched because of these unique differentiators:

• Excellent service that begins with our signature “Welcome to TaKo®” greeting

• A cool, family-friendly atmosphere with tunes from Christian musicians, crazy menu names and just a little bit of attitude

• A fully customizable menu and food that is prepared just the way customers want it – right before their eyes

• A commitment to delicious simplicity meaning high-quality ingredients at every turn TaKo’s Famous Galbi Burrito, Bibimbap – the craveable sweet and spicy tako sauce.

Why TaKo?

Part of a deep and growing segment (Mexican Fast Casual and the unique Korean Food)

Unique, differentiated brand Efficient design to maximize return on investment

Dedicated, passionate franchise support team

Customizable for nontraditional development


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